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Thursday, January 19, 2012

Authors wanted, thin skin need not apply.

Before we become authors, perhaps we should all be required to take a class on rejection.  I thought the more I was published, the more the fear of submitting would go away.  Yet, here I am with several articles and a book under my belt and I still think twice about sending that article. 

I do push the send button more often.  Those fears no longer stop me from trying, but I'm surprised that there's still a little twinge just before the click.  I thought perhaps it was a reflex that would melt away in time until I sat one dinner table away from Jerry Jenkins. 

We were attending an awards banquet and Jerry and his new book Riven was up for Book of the year.  He faced three ladies and a man whose experience and publishing popularity was small compared to him.  The moment before the name was announced I glanced at his face and saw it.  It was a small nervous twitch and an expression that questioned whether or not he had a chance.  His wife took his hand.  When the name was called (and it wasn't his) his head dropped.  He took a deep breath, mustered a little more strength and raised his head and hands to applaud.

If someone whose done so much for our lives and created so many stories can feel that twitch before he knew he was accepted - why wouldn't I feel it?  Why wouldn't you?

To be a good author I think we have to understand that it's enough to be on the stage talking.  It doesn't matter if we are liked or even if we are published.  It does matter that we are doing our best to perfect our craft and that we keep trying.

So I sit....alone in my office...a little nervous....a little intimidated...but ready....yes, I'm ready....push the button.  *Sigh*  It's now out of my hands.

God loves you and has called you to write,


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jubilee said...

Sooo needed to hear this today. Thanks!