The difference between the right word and the almost right word is the difference between lightning and a lightning bug. **Mark Twain

Monday, February 20, 2012

The Writer's waiting game

Writing is a business.  You can't make money if you don't write quickly and submit even quicker. 

The more I learn about being an author, the more I'm convinced that speed writing can keep us from being "great" writers.  The more we push to finish quickly, the more our brain searches for ways to skip the "inspirational" levels of thought.  Of course this isn't always the case, but I do find that my inspiration is heightened when I take the time to let a written piece "simmer". 

Since we have to produce in order to survive as a writer, it is easy to push articles out the door before they are ready.  I've sent articles to my editor and wished I could call them back.  It is frustrating to re-read an article after it's gone only to realize that there was a better way - maybe even a more enlightened way to present my view. 

I'm facing that very thing now.  I've been doing blogs for around four years.  I've done many blogs that I'm proud of and had others that I felt were just there.  Nothing special....just an attempt to fulfill my obligation.  I have struggled with how to bring different God inspired ideas together under one blog or one topic.  In fact, I'll admit it here....I've struggled so much with this problem that some days it's hard to want to write.  That's just not me.  I love to write.  I love processing the ideas and finding a way to explain them to others.  I needed to change the process but wasn't sure how.

Last October I decided to give God a chance to take over this process.  I began a fasting and prayer program.  It's been tweaked and changed several times.  Over the course of the last four months I've had to face devastating trials.  I've felt overwhelmed and frustrated. I considered quitting - but decided to hang in there no matter what.  Even with all the trials, I knew that God had a plan.  I knew that God was leading me to a renewed purpose. 

Last Saturday, something broke.  Something happened to change my point of view and suddenly everything made sense.  Everything came into a very clear focus.  In a matter of three hours I produced more work and had more insight than I've had in the last year. 

Waiting for that moment of inspiration from God was the best thing I've done in a long time.  I still produced during those four months - but I kept waiting for God to get involved in my work.  I allowed several projects to wait for that inspiration and I'm thrilled that I did. 

What is your writing problem?  Are you afraid to submit pieces?  Are you worried that you aren't expressing your passion?  Do you wish that you had a clear focus for your ideas?  Do you read your pieces and feel as though they lack passion and insight?

I suggest that you take a little time off.  Take the time to pray or focus on seeing your subject from a loftier view.  Play music, read a book, talk to a friend and slowly let the ideas simmer.  Give your bland ideas a chance to blossom into inspirational pieces that will change lives. 

Be encouraged.  The more you learn, the more you concentrate on letting God lead you - the Waiting Game will become shorter and easier.  As you grow you will find that you are producing quality work in a shorter period of time. 

Don't be afraid of the Writer's Waiting Game. Embrace it and let it move you to deeper levels of writing.

God loves you and has called you to write,


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